Massage Room

To soothe tense muscles or to simply bliss out, book a treatment in our Massage Room. Choose your preferred therapy to target specific areas and tune in to the ambient music for a totally relaxing experience. The room is also ideal for romantic couples’ massages.

Lymphatic drainage with a completely different protocol from other lymphatic drainages, the lymphatic drainage of the Renata França method shows excellent results, being recommended, even, post-operatively. It has firm pressure and a faster pace, with exclusive pumping and maneuvers to reduce swelling, activates circulation, potentiates the complex network of vessels that move body fluids and still softens cellulite.
Duration: 1 hour
Known as a massage of sensations, bamboo therapy works the muscles of the body and helps to balance the body's energy. Bamboos are applied correctly in direction, pressure, direction, speed and maneuvers provide several benefits such as the relief of muscle tension and activation of circulation. "The movements with bamboo stimulate glands to promote the reduction of localized fat", says the specialist. Therefore, in addition to relaxing and toning, massage helps to shape body tissues, including combating cellulite.
Duration: 1 hour
It is a technique that benefits flexibility and increases the body's blood circulation. It aims to provide well-being behind your movements that help to calm the body and mind and fight stress.
Duration: 1 hour
It helps to eliminate excess fluids and toxins from the body, facilitating the treatment of cellulite and swelling, besides being able to be used in the postoperative period, it eliminates waste and toxins.
Time: 1 hour
Ayurvedic massage acts powerfully on the blood circulation, works the muscular chairs and joints of the whole body, mixing deep soft touches with stretches relieving tensions with sliding methods and strengthening the immune system.
Duration: 1 hour
Sports massage is a great tool to prepare and recover muscles for those who practice physical exercises. It is a technique more suitable for their preparation and pain relief, as it improves blood circulation and helps to eliminate toxins in the muscles.
Duration: 1 hour
Hot stone massage is one of the most used techniques for relaxing. It is a technique with a very strong relaxing power due to the heat of the stones, which in addition to gliding through the muscles of our body, still warm our skin causing an excellent sensation.
Duration: 1 hour
The 4 hand massage is performed by two professionals who work simultaneously. This double action is the great advantage of this massage technique. The feeling of relaxation is enhanced due to the movements and range of the 4 hands.
Duration: 40 minutes
The main objective of the modeling massage is to act on localized fat and improve blood circulation, it is a massage with strong movements reaching the deepest layers of the skin. It acts on the circulation improving metabolism and against cellulite.
Duration: 1 hour
The couple will receive a special relaxing massage, simultaneously, by two masseuses. The massage lasts 50 minutes, in the last 10 minutes, the couple can appear to learn the movements so that they appear alone. For this work to be more complete, the couple will receive a kit with coconut oil that is used for this type of massage.
Duration: 1 hour